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Try as I might, I fear it will be difficult to explore the totality of the inns and outs of Urbexing.

The fact that I am addressing subjects left and right, following my inspiration rather then any sort of logic, is probably not helping.

There must be a method to my madness but I, myself, have not found it yet.

Hence, to give you a better sense of the information you can find here, I’ve arranged them in what I consider essential themes.

The first one of course is the nature of Urbexing, why we do it, a bit of its history, how the internet changed it all, as well as the different specialties that have arisen through the years; roof top exploration, rural settings, cemeteries, hospitals and sanatoriums, caves and underground systems as well as abandoned factories.

I also discuss close encounters with potential inhabitants, as you must remember that your playground could very well be someone else’s house.

Given that urbexing is not the safest of past times, I address the safety issue. Either in general terms, or more specifically looking into first aid kits, weather or even how to dress for protection. I propose we even examine how to get to your target.

If urbexing can be bad for your health, be advised it can be extremely prejudicial to your legal record. In most cases, Urbexers operate outside the law. Hence I look at the general legal traps surrounding urbexing, as well as specific issues such as trespassing, its big brother infiltrations, and even try to give you a few pointers as what to do if you can get caught by the dreaded security guard.

Finally, no geeky blog would be complete if we did not discuss gear at length. I am foremost a “pixel artist” (a.k.a a vandal photographer with complete disregard for reality), thus I am into the nerdy, techy aspect of it all. I look at gear in general, of course, but also dive deeper into specifics, such as glass , tripods, Smart Phones, or even my new passion drones.

Finally, since I want to be there ’till the end for you (really, I do), we’ll look at the post production of your images, and how to achieves photographic Nirvana, such as tack sharp images.

Happy Urbexing !!



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