Getting there

If you’ve been following this blog for a while now, you know that when it comes to Urbexing, discretion is key.
In fact, unless you fancy a criminal record, trespassing and infiltration are activities that require the outmost discretion.

With that in mind, whatever mode of transportation you choose for an Urbex, do not be conspicuous. Thus rule number one (mostly aimed at the Kardashian family I imagine): don’t use a helicopter or a Ferrari.

I know I don’t.


All joking aside, a few weeks ago, for the first time in my life, I got on my bike and decided to go Urbexing around.

I discovered what I imagine most people have known for a while: bicycles are especially Urbex friendly.

Given an Urbex target is less then 10 miles from home, bicycles allow for slow wondering, giving time to look around a destination and sometimes even finding a new one. Sometimes it takes a wrong turn to get you to the right place.

Slow transport, in general, allows the explorer to pause, look around for entry points, and be in tune with the place’s environment. Bikes are also usually less conspicuous then cars, around deserted buildings. They can be hidden much easier. A bush or a small wall, and there you go…Do not forget your lock though: nothing more frustrating then coming out of an Urbex, extenuated, only to find your bike has been stolen: I am urebxing in Europe right now and honestly, an unlocked bike is a “gone bike”5.


One of the few downside, of course, is that total photo gear is limited to what you can fit in a backpack.

Talking about limited gear….Public transport is also a good idea. Be it by train or bus, again you will be limited to what you can bring in your rucksack. Once on spot, there will be no trails leading up to you though.

If you go by car, a good rule of thumb is to park away from your target. There are 2 main reasons for this:

  • The first one is that if your penetration target is a lonely decaying building, a car parking next to it will inevitably attract attention from neighbours or security guards… which is never good when doing something illegal.
  • Reason number two ? Cars have license plates, and license plates allows quick and easy identification by the cops. So if you have a trespassing record (or any criminal record as a matter of fact), and cops can identify your car next to know urbex place, you just gave them just cause. Trust me, they’ll be waiting for you.


On the other hand, cars offer a few clear advantages. For one thing you have a lots of cargo space. That means it time to bring a shit heap of equipment. If you decide not use it, just leave it in the trunk.
If the weather goes suddenly becomes crappy, a car will offer warmth and comfort.
A car can will also allow you to change destination on a dime.

In any case just remember that even if its all about the destination, there is no reason not to enjoy the journey.

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