Dressed for Success

Your clothing should protect you.

It should be insulation from the elements, the terrain, and sometimes….from other people.

It should be adequate for the weather, protect you from scraps and tears and be there for you, to blend in the crowd, before and after your urban explorations.


So this week, I’ll answer a few questions from my Urbexing A-list followers, regarding Urbex Fashion…I have withheld their last names, to protect their anonymity.

Dear Urbex Sentinel,
You are wonderful…the best there is. A true icon. Since I have no fashion sense whatsoever, how do you suggest someone like me dress up when going out on an Urbex ?
Your devoted fan, Kim K.

Dear Kim K,

I always suggest… regular apparel.

Clothing in accordance with the season AND the venue. A cave is much cooler in the summer, then outside. Inversely, it is much warmer in the winter. In both cases the humidity will be much higher…So take your destination into account.

In general, I like sporty, dark, ordinary street clothing.

For one thing, it doesn’t attract much attention, and the dark colors are more discreet to my camera’s sensor in case of prolonged exposure. What’s more, somber colors do not give out a strange hue to your images, when you go about light painting.

Wear long sleeves and pants. I forgot this last spring, when a friend and I, went out on an outing where we had to cross the woods…I was wearing shorts and and t-shirt…let’s just say, I’ve spent most of the following summer sporting battles scars. The spiky florae and the poison ivy had won the war.

Here are a few NO-NOs…

  • Do NOT wear Urbex specific clothing that could arise suspicion while hanging outside your intended target place. You know that t-shirt that proudly says “Urban Rebel Trespasser” written in flames and bones? Well…Do not wear THAT.
  • Do NOT wear clothing that make you easily identified, if you were reported to the authorities. Orange shirts and red pants should not necessarily be a first choice. You need clothing that will blend in, as soon as you get out. When doing illegal shit, anonymity is invariably recommended.
  • Forgo the skulls, flames and other doomsday symbols. You’re out on an Urbex, what could be more bad ass ? Your clothing should not project the image of a psycho !
  • Do NOT wear clothe with drugs or weapons’ logo. That is, unless you enjoy cavity searches.

Dear Urbex Sentinel,
As a fellow artist of undisputable taste, what is your take on shoes? Should I wear 10 inch pumps to my Urbex ?
Lady G.

Dear Lady G,

Your footwear should be old; broken in, Urbex are not a good time for blisters.
It should be prick resistant. You will likely walk in broken glass, old nail and screws.

Steel toes are generally overkills…object should not fall on your toes (touch nothing, remember ?)

I’ve found that a pair of old, ankle high, mountain boots are just perfect.

If you’re draining or spelunking: rubber boots can be nice to keep your toes toasty dry.

Mister Sentinel,
I wear hats on all social occasions. Can I wear one, while out Urbexing about?

Dear Betty,

A4CCB00E-2A82-41A1-ACC6-3C4D4A8B4D02I, in fact, like wearing a hat, while out exploring.

Just a bit of protection for my bolding head…it prevents sun burns outside in the summer, cold in the winter and will offer me minimal protection from hanging wires, protuberances and low ceiling in general.

Plus a nice chapeau protects me from those pesky, icky, dangling spider webs.

Dear Urbex Sentinel,
You are the greatest artist in the world. In my opinion, you are even better than that lady who takes pictures of kittens for the internet. My question is, should I wear gloves when going out on an Urbex ?
Michael J.

Dear MJ,

I wear thin, prick resistant gloves. Thin enough for all tactile requirements, but still protective from broken glass or rusted metal. They also leave my hands pleasantly warm during cold and humid winters.

I also find gloves highly practical when removing branches and other obstacles, while out in the “wild”.

I actually wear high-end, water resistant, gardening gloves, with a very thin leather layer in the palms and finger tips.

I also recommend wearing both gloves.


Dear UrSent,
Me and my best friend are disagreeing…and since you are a well-recognized universal genius, we thought you could help out. Should we wear masks to protect our identities?
Warm regards, Daft P.

Dear Daft,

Unless you want to get shot, don’t.

And NO stupid fucking gas masks either!

People have told me they use them as protection from airborne hazards such as asbestos. I call bullshit on that!
The risk incurred from the vision restriction caused by a gas mask, will generally far outweigh the respiratory advantage.
Whatsmore, the heat given out by your face will quickly fog up your vision. Not to mention, most of these things are not exactly ergonomic or pleasing to wear.

If you MUST, wear a simple dust protective mask.

If it’s cold; wear a scarf, like a normal human being.

There it is folks. That’s all for this week.

I’ve also received many queries about the “meaning of life,” from a Mr. D. Lama, or about “universal love” from a Mr. Francis, but I really can’t be bothered at this time.

It’s not very important anyway.

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