“Wherever doors are closed, we will find a way through. Wherever history is buried, we will uncover it. Wherever architecture is exclusionary, we will liberate it.” B.Garrett

As most borderline (or down-right illegal) activities, Urbexing is surrounded by an aura of mystery and general incomprehension.

This has arisen because as “philosopher” Spike Lee has once stated; “Those who know won’t tell, and those who tell, don’t know”.

Hence, the Urbex community is flooded by Batman wannabees, spewing crazy shit, ranging from “what sort of gas mask to wear”, to “what sort of weapons one should carry around” or even more puzzling to me, deep pseudo metaphysical issues such as “can you consider yourself a true urbex photographer if you are not using an expensive reflex camera ?”

Let me get this out of the way then. If you’re a social media hoarder, you won’t like this. If you are a photography poser, you won’t like this. And if you’re a hippster…well, I don’t like you.

But if you’re looking for hints on infiltration, safety, gear, or legal considerations; this could be your cup of tea.

I will try to discuss with some sense rural and industrial destinations, places up there and places down there.

Since I like stroking my ego as much as the next person, I will illustrate all this with pictures I took throughout the years.

This is about Urban Exploration in all its funky glory. And, oh yea, fuck your Leica.

Here goes nothing then….

Hello, my name is Pascal.C, and I am an Urbex Photographer…

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