Black and white

Black and white Urebx photography - the timeless art form that says, 'I'm too hipster for color.' B&W is the perfect way to show off my superiot 'aesthetic' and prove to everyone that I AM a real artist. Errr. No. That sounds fuckin' horrid. Let me start over. Black and white photography (grayscale) challenges Urbexers... Continue Reading →

The dark side of Photography

To my avid readership, it will seem like I am beating a dead horse. However, not talking about light extensively on an Urbex blog would be like ignoring salt on a cooking website. Who needs to actually see what they're photographing, anyway... Who needs proper lighting or clarity when you can just snap a blurry,... Continue Reading →

Beyond Auto mode: understanding exposure

Ahhhh....The elusive quest for perfect exposure: who needs consistently great photos, anyway? Well, I do, and most Urbexers do too. You never know when the place you're visiting will be gone. If it's really decrepit, it's probably a matter of time before the place is flattened to the ground. There might never be another chance... Continue Reading →

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