The dark side of Photography

To my avid readership, it will seem like I am beating a dead horse. However, not talking about light extensively on an Urbex blog would be like ignoring salt on a cooking website. Who needs to actually see what they're photographing, anyway... Who needs proper lighting or clarity when you can just snap a blurry,... Continue Reading →

World Wide Web

When Al Gore supposedly invented the internet (or so, he claims....), he had no idea of the impact it would have on the Urbex community. Nowadays, mainly because of the advent of the world wide web, the modes of Urbex information transmission have been turned upside down. For better, and for worse. Until a decade... Continue Reading →


A while ago, I discussed my new fondness for minimalist exploration (see here). For most of my outings, I have now replaced my DSLR with a (very) high end Huawei P20pro telephone, with Leica lens. Except, I didn't. Nowadays, I am once again carrying around a cumbersome bag...this time, with my Photography Pro drone in... Continue Reading →

Getting there

If you've been following this blog for a while now, you know that when it comes to Urbexing, discretion is key. In fact, unless you fancy a criminal record, trespassing and infiltration are activities that require the outmost discretion. With that in mind, whatever mode of transportation you choose for an Urbex, do not be... Continue Reading →


Is there a particularly conducive time of the year for Urbexing around ? Are there "Urbex prone seasons" ? Personally, and to paraphrase John Ruskin, I consider "there is no such thing as bad Urbex weather, only different kinds of good Urbex weather." However, as an 'answer', I realize this is rather inept. So let... Continue Reading →

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