Coming back alive


Let me piss on your parade for a bit.

The physical risks associated with Urbexing come in different flavors, and not the fun ones. Fall of the explorer or fall of stones on the said explorer, collapses, risks related to water (sudden flooding of a pipe); gas contamination (absence of oxygen, presence of toxic gases (CO, CO2, H2S …), risks of explosion (firedamp, dust)…

Make sure this sinks in (pun intended).
You might be drowning in sewage, falling from girders, gralloched by razor-wire, skewered on scaffolding etc… But that’s not all; longer-term dangers include respiratory problems from exposure to dusts and a classic: asbestos. All this while jail and a criminal record linger around… Continue reading “Coming back alive”

Urbex, this old thing

Urban Exploration (or Experiment, for some) a.k.a Urbex, in its truest sense, was coined in the early 1980s.

However, historically, Urban Exploration as such, has been practiced by people for centuries, as evidenced by the many artistic “retros” in ancient arts, such as Egyptomania, or neo-classicist paintings. What were the old neo-classic painters visiting the world’s ancient cities, if not Urbexers ? Or the Romantics walking through Roman ruins across Europe ? Not to mention the ever popular macabre “excursions” in the catacombs and other mass graves.

Continue reading “Urbex, this old thing”

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